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Calling all paperwork prodigies!

Are you a detail-oriented individual with a passion for helping others? We have an exciting volunteer opportunity for you!


Join our team as a Birth Certificate Whisperer and make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness. 🤝🏡

Application takes just 5 minutes!

🌍 100% Remote: This position offers the flexibility of working 100% remotely, allowing you to make an impact in your community from the comfort of your own home. 💻


📝 Thorough Review: Go over all birth certificate applications to ensure that the notary has accurately filled in all the required information. Attention to detail is crucial in this role.


📬 Document Handling: Take charge of sending off completed applications promptly and efficiently, ensuring that clients' vital documents are submitted correctly.


📞 Vital Check: Conduct vital check over the phone with clients to assist them in obtaining their birth certificates. Your empathetic communication skills will play a key role in providing support and guidance.


📊 Spreadsheet Management: Utilize spreadsheets to organize and track the progress of birth certificate applications, ensuring a streamlined process.


🔍 Internet Sleuthing: Occasionally, conduct research online to gather additional information needed for birth certificate applications, showing your resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities.


🤝 Client Interface: Interact compassionately and professionally with individuals experiencing homelessness who are in need of birth certificates, offering assistance and support throughout the process.


✅ Detail-oriented: A meticulous eye for detail is essential in reviewing and processing vital documents.

✅ Excellent Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills to provide compassionate assistance to clients over the phone. Must speak fluent English, Spanish fluency is a huge plus. 

✅ Organizational Skills: Proficiency in managing spreadsheets and maintaining accurate records.

✅ Empathy: Ability to empathize and connect with individuals experiencing homelessness, demonstrating sensitivity and understanding.

If you are ready to put your skills to use and positively impact the lives of others, we would love to have you on our team! Join us as a Birth Certificate Whisperer and be a catalyst for change. 🌟🔍💙

To apply, please fill out the application (button below).


Together, let's empower individuals to obtain their vital documents and create a brighter future for everyone. 🌈✨

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