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Meet James


He's getting his life back on track after 6 years of homelessness, which all started with him being scammed. "I invested my savings with them and when I showed up at their office a few weeks later, everything was cleared out and I never heard from them again" he told us. And from there it was debt and a series of tragic misfortunes that led to his homelessness. 


But don't let that define him. If you remember one thing about James, let it be that he's getting his life back on track so his 8 year old granddaughter can come live with him. Sadly, both her parents died, so James will raise her. He told us that's the only thing that matters to him - giving her a good life. Wings gave him a basket of supplies and a bed so he can get his new home ready for his granddaughter. 


"I love her so much" he said, "I just can't wait until we can be together again". 

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