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Meet Javier


In a humble apartment above a lively restaurant in Santa Cruz County, a beacon of hope shines. The apartment, though ordinary, signifies the extraordinary transformation of a man named Javier. This is his home, his safe haven, and the starting point of a new chapter in his life. 


Javier is a single father of two adorable children. Behind his youthful charm, he carries a past of struggle and a future full of determination. Javier's completion of an outpatient sobriety program has marked the beginning of his new life.


"Life has been tough," Javier confessed, "I was this close to giving up because I was trying so hard, and I wasn't getting anywhere. But then, it all fell into place. Within three days, I found a job, found this place, and Wings Advocacy brought us these things.”


His commitment to sobriety, driven by his love for his children, is unyielding, despite the mother of his children being unable to join him on this journey to recovery. His primary ambition now is to provide a stable and nurturing environment for his children to grow up in, and he's determined to make his new home a sanctuary for his family.


Thanks to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers, we delivered beds, bedding, and a basket filled with necessities for a family of three. Javier's gratefulness shone through as he lent a hand to our volunteers, helping to move the donated items upstairs, slowly transforming the apartment into a home.


I was sleeping on the floor until Wings delivered me a bed” Javier said. “Having these things makes my home feel more like home, even though it’s been hard for me to adapt and get settled in. I still have my clothes in a black garbage bag. I’m not used to living alone or having my own place, but I’m grateful for all the help wings provided and delivered to me.”


In a fascinating twist, the person who referred Javier to us was once a recipient of Wings Advocacy's support during her time of homelessness. This heartwarming full circle of aid echoes the power of our interconnected community.


Each story of transformation, like Javier's, fuels our commitment to breaking cycles and empowering individuals. We're not merely delivering essential goods; we're igniting hope, fostering resilience, and championing new beginnings.


We invite you to join us in these transformative journeys. Together, let's continue to uphold the belief that everyone deserves a home

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