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Host A Supply Drive!

People buy supplies...


...and we deliver them to people moving out of homelessness and into housing!

Easy as
1, 2, 3

We compile Welcome Home baskets that go to people leaving homelessness behind and moving into housing, but supplies cost us thousands of dollars each year and we sometimes struggle to meet the demand. Read more about why these baskets are important here


Your group can help ease the burden and spread the love, it's simple:

  1. Choose which supplies your group wants to collect (ex: sheets, toothbrushes, pillows, blankets, deodorant, etc - see full list here)

  2. Spread the word! Let your group members, church members, their friends, and more know they can bring new, unopened packages of the supplies to a location of your choosing during a certain time period (could be a facility, someone's house, etc)

  3. Drop off the supplies - at the end of the drive, we'll come pick them up or you can drop them off to us!

  4. High five your friends - the items you collected go out to families and individuals to help them make their new house a home ✨

Want more ideas?

  • Some people host bake sales (or sell other items the group members can make) and then purchase the supplies or donate the money

  • Some groups go door to door in their neighborhoods asking neighbors to contribute to the supply drive

  • Some groups ask a local store to set up a table outside and then let shoppers know they can buy an extra ____ and leave it with the group to donate to Wings. Examples could be a table outside of a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and people could let shoppers know they could pick up a pair of sheets that would go to a formerly homeless individuals starting over. 

  • We'll provide you with the flyers, images, or messaging you need depending on what kind of drive you want to run!

  • Some students organize a drive like this as part of their community service requirement

  • Have another idea? We'd love to hear it :)

Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch about how you can make your supply drive a success for people leaving homelessness behind. 

Let’s work together
to end homelessness one person
at a time

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We'll follow up with you soon!

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What items do we need your help with?

Help us collect:

  • Pillows

  • Twin sheet sets

  • Twin Xl sheet sets

  • Queen sheet sets

  • Blankets/comforters (Twin or Queen sized)

  • Toothbrushes

  • Toothpaste

  • 20+ oz Shampoo & conditioner (could be combined or a set)

  • 4 roll toilet paper sets

  • Double paper towel roll 

  • Deodorant (mens or womens or gender neutral)

Why Baskets?

Imagine moving into a house with only the clothes on your back. How would you sweep? Do laundry? Get a glass of water? 

We take all these things for granted in our homes because they're just the basics. We eat with our silverware. We clean up with our broom and dust pan. We wash our hair with our shampoo. 

But for someone who just came from a shelter, or living in a tent or car for sometimes years - these basics aren't part of their collection. And sure, once they move into housing and get their income streams settled they could buy these items, but often times there are more pressing financial needs like food, gas, or transportation. 

We don't ever want someone to have to choose between gas and a bed, or between food and dishes. 

We want to help these individuals and families stabilize as they move into their new housing.


This stability can be the difference between whether or not someone stays housed. 

By helping us do a drive for some of the items in these baskets, you can help people thrive and make their new house feel like home. 

Our newly housed neighbors have enough to worry about without having to worry about how they'll afford hundreds of dollars for all the supplies they need. 

Now imagine finally getting a house after years of living in your car and imagine a generous volunteer delivering a basket to you with all the supplies you need for cleaning, hygiene, and dignity. And the basket even has a little note.

That's the vision you'll help make a reality. 

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