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Meet The Clark Family

DSC_0984[1] (1).JPG

This is a drawing by Dylan and Oscar, ages 5 and 7 when they drew this. The boys and their mother had been in a family shelter and got to move into an apartment in the beginning of November last year - just in time for Christmas in their new home!


When I got there, the boys were sword fighting each other using a wooden block and an action figure. After he won his sword fight, Dylan showed me the drawing that he and his brother did and showed me all the key details.

“That’s the stockings, right there, with one for me and one for my brother - see?” he looked at me, waiting for a sign I understood the significance. I nodded.

“And that’s my mom” he pointed to what looked like a potted sunflower on a table.

“Hey” his mom laughed playfully, “really, I’m a plant!?”

Dylan giggled and then ran into his bedroom and started playing with his brother again. 


He drew his mother like the sun at the center of his Christmas scene!


Congratulations to Sophia, Dylan, and Oscar on their new home.

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