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Salesforce Supply Drive for Wings

Thank you for wanting to help our formerly homeless neighbors stabilize in their new housing.

Here's the supplies we need the most right now:


Queen Sheet sets

Twin Sheet sets


Blankets & Comforters*


Sauce Pots

Twin XL Sheet sets

Feminine Hygiene

* Twin or Queen sized

** Matching bath & hand towel size

You can buy the items from your favorite store you like to shop at and then bring them to the office and place them in the donation bins. Then at the end of the drive, we'll collect the items and then deliver them to families and individuals moving into housing and leaving homelessness behind. 


Imagine moving into a house with only the clothes on your back. How would you do laundry? Make your bed? Get a glass of water?

We take all these things for granted in our homes because they're just the basics. We eat with our silverware. We clean up with our broom and dustpan. We snuggle up in our sheets and warm blankets at night.

But for someone who just came from a shelter, or living in a tent or car for sometimes years - these basics aren't part of their collection. And sure, once they move into housing and get their income streams settled they could buy these items, but often there are more pressing financial needs like food, gas, or transportation.

We don't ever want someone to have to choose between gas and a bed, or between food and dishes.

We want to help these individuals and families stabilize as they move into their new housing.

This stability can be the difference between whether or not someone stays housed.

By buying these items, you can help people thrive and make their new house feel like home.

Our newly housed neighbors have enough to worry about without having to worry about how they'll afford hundreds of dollars for all the supplies they need.

Now imagine finally getting a house after years of living in your car and imagine a generous volunteer delivering a basket to you with all the supplies you need for cleaning, hygiene, and dignity. And the basket even has a little note.

That's the vision you'll help make a reality. 

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