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So you've heard a bit about who we are and what we do, and you want in on this? Here are some ways you can be a part of our mission!

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Other Ways to Help Out


Purchase from our Wishlist

It's simple: you buy supplies we need from our wishlist (like sheets, pillows, etc) and it gets shipped straight to us and then goes out to clients as soon as there is a need (which is usually really fast!) To donate more to Wings at NO EXTRA COST to you, log into Amazon Smile first and then select Wings as your charity. 

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Be a Myth Buster!

We don't do our work in a vacuum, we depend on our community to work together to end homelessness, but there are still many people out there who don't have the right information. We do our best to educate the public but we can't reach everyone and there is more misinformation than facts about homelessness circulating in our community right now - that's where YOU come in! Click the link to learn some quick facts to bust the most common myths about homelessness. Then share them with your friends, in conversations on social media, and with your local officials. 


Host a Donation Drive

Does your club, school, youth group, church, or other group want to help Wings out but can't afford a monetary donation at this time? Well there's still ways to help! Your group can host a donation drive for specific items that we need lots of (like bedding or silverware), and then we'll distribute it to people moving into permanent housing. Or you could help us fundraise by hosting a bake sale, cake walk, or other event on our behalf.

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Info for hosting

We've had businesses, church groups, and civic clubs host donation drives for us and it helps us out a lot. Our clients are often moving into housing without basic needs like a toothbrush or silverware. Your group can empower others to donate these simple items and then we can get them to people who need them as they move out of homelessness and onto a path of healing. 

Become a "Friend of Wings"

Friends of Wings have trucks that they occasionally use to deliver mattresses and bed frames with one of our deliverers. Wings doesn't own a truck and many of our volunteers have smaller cars. If you or someone you know has a truck that would be willing to be on our "Friends of Wings" list, let us know! (Don't worry, we won't have this many mattresses again!)

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Friend of Wings

Become a Wings Community Ambassador

Do you have a strong social media presence and a love of social justice? We're looking for social media ambassadors that can help elevate our message and educate their followers on homelessness in Santa Cruz. You'll get some Wings swag, too 😄

Apply to be a Wings Ambassador

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